Project Idea

Usually the hardest thing when you start a pet project is to come up with an idea. Some people choose the beaten track: github client, reddit client and so on. It makes sense to create another github client for a learning purpose. All the product requirements are already there. All the apis are ready to use. You only have to implement all of that. On the other hand, doing the thing that was already done hundreds of time before you doesn’t seem so exciting. Also, there is a question of actual value of the pet project. Of course, there is a value in what you have learned but if the project is useful for other people then it is another level of motivation.

That’s why I tried to come with an idea that will have value for someone besides me. I went to my girlfriend for help. After some brainstorming she got an idea to do something like a training app for people working in media industry. Basically, this is something where you can read some materials and then take a test. Your answers are then reviewed and you can see your score.

It is perfect for a pet project. I’ll have to work with a database, networking and backend and of course, a lot of ui. The next post will go into details on the architecture decisions and other basic stuff to kickoff the project.